We officially have some news to announce!
After an unbelievable amount of requests for repairs be made to ensure our personal safety have gone unanswered, we have decided we have no other choice than to move on from our beautiful home of the last 9 years.
Since we were as prepared for this sudden move as we were for our ceiling to become a waterfall and cave in, we are currently without a permanent home. Luckily, we have AMAZING friends and neighbors and we have a few things up our sleeve until we can figure out where we're headed for good!
SO......due to the amazing generosity of Victoria Araujo of Blanc Studio (across the street from us, next to Poppy) we will officially be setting up a little pop-up shop in the back studio of her salon!
10AM - 6PM
We're so excited to see your faces in person again, if only for a little while right now!
New denim arrivals from Mother and Free People + new swim on now on sale in the cutest little nook. Luckily, nearly all of our amazing all natural beauty collections were in a separate part of the store than the water damage, so we still have plenty of our Summer skin-saving beauty masks from Honeybelle and Ænon. Ask us which is our favorite!
We have plenty of other styles available and we can't wait to show you our little 'baby' Swank!
See you Wednesday morning Swank Addicts!



There is an entrance to enter directly into the shop off of Alley A so you don't have to walk through the salon but if you're in need of a little trim or touch-up, we highly recommend stopping up front and making an appointment while you're here!


shop us anytime at:


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  • It’s a tough time, sorry about what you’re going though! This is a fantastic way to roll with the punches. Let Moon Yoga know if we can help. ❤️

    • Amber Treece