Chelsea's Spotlight: Ethical Clothing

Do you ever stop and wonder where your clothes come from? For many of us the reality is sometimes more than we would like to acknowledge. However, with brands like Bel Kazan and Cleobella we can rest assured our purchases are not only helping the economy but also paying living wages to women in other countries.

 Bel Kazan, owned and ran by Belinda Kazanci, draws most of its inspiration from the local environment of Bali and it’s people. Belinda makes sure that flexible hours and living wages create a positive work environment for all the women she employees. Bel Kazan also makes sure the factories used are open-air factories, which provide safe working conditions. Not only does Bel Kazan care about the products they produce, but they also make sure none of the fabric goes to waste. Fabric scraps are donated to Balinese people to create usable products such as baby clothes, floor mats and pillow stuffing.

Check out some of our favorite new pieces below from Bel Kazan and see why they are a favorite of celebrities like Jessica Alba and Eva Longori.

 Madison Duster, $120, Shop it here:

Toldeo Caftan, $132, Shop it here:

Orchard Dress, $132, Shop it here:

Casablanca Duster, $140, Shop it here:

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