Semi-Annual Sale - Tips & Tricks


One of our favorite days of the year is happening THIS SATURDAY!!  The whole heard that right, the WHOLE STORE, will be on sale for the entire day (all sale items will receive whichever discount is greater - the current price or discount off the original).  Our progressive Semi Annual Sale is our biggest sale & it is on a first come first serve basis.  All sizes will be out in each style, so once it is gone, it is gone!  You can always check back during the LAST CHANCE SALE to see if you get lucky and an item you couldn't find in the morning is available later.
  We've got a few changes to the sale this year, so make sure you read below if you have any questions.  




If you haven't been one to get here early before, this is the year you'll want to be one of the first in line!  SWANK IS 13 and we're thanking you, our wonderful customers, by gifting the first 13 people in the door with a bag of Swank goodies!!  Did I tell you the bag of Swank Goodies is worth $100?  
40% OFF & FREE GIFTS?!?  Count us in!  
If you're one of the lucky 13, you'll receive a voucher to redeem at checkout for your Swank goodies.


This year, we will be offering an online sale SUNDAY ONLY for 30% OFF from 12pm - 5pm.  

Shipping for all online orders is a flat rate of $10.

All online orders placed on Sunday, will be pulled as we receive them and shipped out on Monday, November 5th.



We will be accepting phone orders Saturday, but ONLY AFTER 8am.  Please do not call before 8 as we are still busy finalizing the little things before the crowds pour in.  Also, we only have 2 phone lines, so please be patient and call back if lines are busy.

If you intend to do a phone order, please call ahead (Wednesday - Friday) with any questions as we will only have time to pull the items you tell us over the phone once the sale starts.  It's also incredibly helpful to us if you call ahead and put your credit card on file (we promise it remains safely locked away) but saves time the day of the sale.  

**All phone orders will be pulled as we receive them and will be available for pick up Saturday afternoon and all shipments will go out Monday, November 5th.**



We started this a few Semi Annual Sales ago and it has been a huge hit.  It's an opportunity to come back for those things you thought twice about in the morning and for newbies unfamiliar with the sale to still get to take advantage of some monster discounts!

We will close at 4PM for some ShopGirl R&R and to put the store back together and REOPEN at 5PM (there's usually a line, so get here early just like in the AM)!  From 5-6pm ONLY, we will have 30% OFF the entire store!  This is the last chance for you to grab some deals before the sale is open online SUNDAY 12-5PM!


If you play your cards right and come in to pre-shop the sale, you'll be in an out SO quickly, you won't know if you should go back to bed or get some breakfast!  One of the longest lines, is always the fitting room, so we always recommend trying on items in the store before so you know exactly what you are looking for the day of the sale.  We will even make you a list of your items with color and size and you can also take photos of each item if that helps you remember.
We do not allow bags or bulky coats the day of the sale.  All you will need with you is your credit card and identification (we check all id's against the name on the credit card, you can always pay with cash too) and yourself!  We will have a bag/coat check for those of you who walk to the sale or get dropped off.  But we recommend keeping all belongings in your car if you can....& that includes coffee!
If you're unable to pre-shop, tight clothing is recommended.  Having the ability to slip clothing on over your clothes will reduce the amount of time spent waiting for a fitting room.  
We hope everyone loves the sale as much as we do!  Bring your friend and make a day of it :)  We're here to help with any and all questions, don't hesitate to give us a call or DM us on Instagram/Facebook.
(573) 256.4795

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