Organic Beauty - What's The Hype?

There are seemingly endless buzzwords in the beauty community. Long-wearing, highly pigmented, anti-aging… it’s hard to even know where to begin. But, there’s one buzzword that is extra important to us at Swank: organic.
For the most part, people realize that eating a healthy diet is good for you. But, if you care about what you put in your body, why wouldn’t you also care about what you’re putting on your skin? Truth is, most mainstream beauty and skincare products contain confusing and scary-sounding chemicals that your skin absorbs.
For that reason, we offer exclusively only organic beauty lines that you and your skin can feel good about. Allow us to introduce you to Henné Organics and Honey Belle; our two latests obsessions in the organic beauty world.
Honey Belle was started by Iris Cherng after she developed psoriasis as an adult. Her newfound skin struggles and her parents’ backgrounds as holistic doctors helped her develop a passion for the ingredients in products for her sensitive skin. While she found some good options, she found them out of her price range as a college student. (Sound familiar?)
From there, Honey Belle was born: an organic and affordable line of skincare that we’re lusting after. Check out some of our favorites we offer in store:
How is it that most big-brand chapsticks leave your lips feeling dry an hour after applying? Yeah, we weren’t fans of that either. Honey Belle offers three different scents of their all-natural lip balms: Matcha Kiss, Kissable Lips, and Bumble Balm. The best part? They only have three main ingredients - ones you can pronounce like cocoa butter, cold-pressed almond oil, and beeswax. Oh, we almost forgot to mention. They’re each only $5… You’re welcome.
Honey Belle Kissable Lips - $5
Honey Belle Matcha Kiss - $5
Honey Belle Bumble Balm - $5
Next up, we have our favorite power duo. The facial roller combined with the facial elixir is a match made in heaven. The roller is a Swank favorite, and we recommend putting it in the freezer before use for a cooling, at-home spa treatment that promotes skin elasticity, tightening pores, reducing puffiness and eliminating dreaded toxins that lie underneath the skin. The roller is in two shades: picasso jasper ($34) and jade ($28). The elixir ($15) smells like grapefruit and basil for an extra touch.
Honey Belle Picasso Jasper Facial Roller - $34
Honey Belle Jade Facial Roller - $28
Honey Belle Elixir Face Oil - $15
If you’re looking for a more luxury organic experience, Henné Organics is the brand for you. These products ensure that you do not have to sacrifice the luxury you want for the ingredients that you deserve.
Give your lips some love with natural pigments and organic ingredients that you can trust. The luxury lip tints ($21) offer beautiful, buildable color, while simultaneously leaving your lips silky smooth. We carry the tint in five colors: Bare, Azalea, Intrigue, Coral, and a clear lip balm. Quickly swipe the product over your lips for a sheer tint, or build it up for a lip that stands out. Either way, we’re sure you’ll fall in love.
Henne Organics Luxury V2 Lip Balm - $19
Henne Organics Azalea Lip Tint - $21
Henne Organics Bare Lip Tint - $21
Henne Organics Lip Tint Coral - $21
Henne Organics Lip Tint Intrigue - $21
Your lips go through a lot. From sun damage to cold temperatures to drying lip products, it is no wonder your lips need some TLC from time to time. Give yourself a mini pamper sesh with Henné Organics’ lip exfoliator ($24) in three beautiful shades: Lavender Mint, Nordic Berries, and Rose Diamonds. They leave a slight tint to give your lips a little oomph, and they’ll be kissably soft.
Lavender Mint Lip Exfoliator - $24
Nordic Berries Lip Exfoliator - $24
Rose Diamonds Lip Exfoliator - $24
Want to know more about these organic must-haves? 
Come into the store and test them for yourself!

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