Natural Beauty

Have you met Natasha yet? Or maybe her little sister Chelsey? If not, you're missing out on one of our favorite earrings of all time. Super simple and yet somehow stunning, these are our owner's favorite go-to earring for any occasion and she guarantees that you will be stopped on the street to be complimented on them! 

Did we mention that they're exclusive to Swank? 

Each pair of earrings is handmade in California by designer Jessica Matrasko and her team, handforming each teardrop-shaped hoop and selecting only the best geode slices to dangle in the the center each earring.  We recommend pairing them with everything from your favorite white tee and jeans, to your next formal gown. They stand out in any situation. 

Remember, each slice is a naturally formed stone with no two are identical, so care is taken when pairing complimenting shapes and colors in each set. If you have a color preference (light or dark geode) or would like a certain shape over another, let us know. We are happy to work with you and with the designer to create the perfect pair for your jewelry collection


Natasha's little sister, Chelsey, is a great alternative if you're petite or have a shorter neck. Measuring approximately 30% smaller than Natasha,  she is no less eye-catching. 
Chelsey Geode Hoops - $154
(or $108 until our jewelry sale ends 5/12/19!)

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