Cutoff Day

If you're still in school, "cutoff day" either inspires fear or anticipation and excitement upon hearing of it. 
When you're not in school anymore, "cutoff day" can be whatever day you want it to be! That is, if you've found the right pair of cutoffs and if you're like us, this is one of those annual wardrobe battles we dread every year.
They're either too short, or too long. They are almost always too tight, and are either too stretchy or not stretchy at all. They're never the right color. You get the picture. We always end up trying a pair or two every year, but none have ever reached the level of love as any favorite pair of jeans we've ever had. Until now.
I give you, SOFIA:
For once, Free People has actually gotten their denim shorts PERFECT. Seriously, we're obsessed with them. Just high enough, just long enough, just stretchy enough, we really have no complaints. Okay, maybe the button fly, but we'll survive. 
With a 10.5 inch rise, they will fit closer to a high rise on most, which is great with all of this season's blousy crops and all these belts we have in right now! (They're all under $30!)  
They're running true to size, which is almost unheard of in FP denim shorts, but we love sizing up for a slightly slouchier fit and cuffing the leg, which is a little over 3.25 inches long. Did we mention they're available in our three favorite colors: black, white, and denim? We told you, they're perfect.
Sofia Denim Short - $68
available in White, Black, Waves

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