Ok, I have to admit, I honestly just fell for the packaging on this one. It was a definite buy-before-we-tried situation, which I NEVER do, but I really couldn't help myself. Guys, THIS PACKAGING!Luckily, the product did not disappoint in the slightest.


I am constantly searching for (and temporarily finding) "the perfect lip balm" and feel like I have ended up with a whole bunch of options that I love, each for a different lip situation. I have my Honey Belle Matcha Kiss for everyday, my Rosebud for dry times, my Henné tints or V2 balm for an on-the-go dewy look, but ever since all the 2019 Spring beauty guides have been coming out post-fashion weeks, I have been searching for the perfect glossy lip balm that IS NOT STICKY!! Until now, all I have been happy with sheen-wise has been this horrible Cl*n*que product that feels like I'm wearing syrup on my lips and my hair gets caught in constantly, but at least I got "the look" I was going for, right? Well, problem solved: after putting the tiniest bit of Basalt on for the first time, I was sold and went home and threw away all those sticky "glosses" I had trashing up my makeup drawer.



I first tried the Blood Orange, which smelled AMAZING--think a walk through an orange grove!! Then I sampled the Sweet Mint. Also amazing. It's a little more eucalyptus/spearminty than I expected but whatever the 'sweet' is mellows out the mint nicely, especially during this dry winter weather. I ultimately settled on the Original Lip Balm for its scentless versatility.



BASALT Lip Balms - $15 each

All the formulas are identical, save the scent, and the tiniest bit goes SOOOOOOO FAR!! Multiple times in the four days I have been using it, I have ended up rubbing the excess into my skin after squeezing out way more than I needed! It literally only takes a tiny little bead of lip balm to give you the shiniest, glossiest lips you can find with absolutely no stickiness--only all natural ingredients like castor seed oil, shea butter, beeswax, and vitamin E.


Natural, moisturizing, and PRETTY -- what more could a girl want in a lip balm? Oh, an overnight Lip Masque? Girl, they do that too!



BASALT Overnight Lip Masque - $15


BASALT also makes great candles and face masques that we are currently product testing and hoping to add to our collection soon -- check back with us on them and don't be shy about asking about them!!


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