1 Potato, 2 Potato, 3Potato4!

Stu and Janet, the husband and wife duo behind 3Potato4 both grew up with a love of collecting things.  Through their love of found objects, they founded 3Potato4 in 2007 after selling vintage items from their collections.  Inspired by the past, they decided to reinterpret some of their favorite, nostalgic items.
Take it from them,
"We love bringing back the nostalgia and memories associated with these items and hope you love them too"
Their funny, vintage inspired motel key tags were the first item that drew us in.  We love the shape and how durable they are, and they are totally unique! From sayings warning the younger generation to spot on superlatives, you can't go wrong.   I mean these are hilarious:
 Look at how cute each zodiac sign is!  Black imprint signs on durable white plastic.  
Don't see your sign?  Give us a call to special order yours today!
To all of our strong, independent women out there, this one's for you:
Brighten up a friend's day or even your own with this bright one:
The nostalgia doesn't stop there though!  Remember the days before we would throw our loose change in the bottom of our bag just to rifle through at the most inconvenient of times?  (This is literally the story of my life...).  3Potato4 has re-invented the rubber squeeze coin pouch with fun sayings on each.
Simply attached to your bag and squeeze the sides to open when you're in need of a coin!
This one makes the most.....CENTS (hahahah, I'm so funny)
But it's our favorite for another reason...
because who DOESN'T love a good Destiny's Child reference :)
Not only is 3Potato4 giving us all the vintage flair for our keys and bags, they are also de-cluttering our lives with cute trays to put our little accessories on.  The misc. tray is the perfect addition to my coffee table where I put my keys and jewelry.


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